Additional Services

We have a wide and various range of services that we offer in addition to the safety equipment testing / installation.


These services can be offered as a packege deal to coinside with the testing on an annual basis or can be carried out as a separate service.


We can offer great rates should you require more then one service to be carried out, why go through a handfull of companys with many various contacts and a desk full of paperwork when you can have one company to take care of all these services much like a one stop facilities shop.


This will not only free your time as you will not have to look for a supplier for each service but more importantly it will lead to many great savings but this will depend on volume.

So should you have extra additional services then you can make extra savings and in this economic climate that can only be a good thing.


For prices or to arrange a free no obligation quote please feel free to contact us for any of the mentioned services.

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