Pigeon Netting & Bird Control

Hi-line Safety Sytems are able to work on all Domestic and commercial propertys from 10 stories of high rise flats using access cradles to car parks, Warehouses, business centers, to very prestigous buildings.

We have solutions for every type of property.


Bird Control Netting is very effective and our bird netting team have everything you need to install a proper pigeon netting system. We can give advice on net installations for many types of propertys. We offer pigeon control netting and small bird nets, sparrow, starling netting and can also offer Seagull Control Netting, the latter is more complex than smaller bird net installations and therefore you will need to speak to us regarding seagull control.


Bird deterrent netting is the most effective bird control system for buildings. Where pigeons and seagulls commonly nest and roost on buildings netting creates an impenetrable barrier denying birds access to ledges and sills.

Anti bird netting is ideally suited to protect building fascia's, roofs and well areas. Bird netting is commonly used to protect the underside of warehouse canopies and fixed equipment such as air conditioning units.


Bird nets are purpose made from UV stabilised polythene material.

Tensioned 2mm and 3mm stainless steel wires create the framework onto which the net is attached.

Stainless steel rings are used to attach the net to the wires.

Where a bird net must be carried away from a structure to prevent chaffing, bespoke stainless steel brackets are manufactured.

Access into a netted area can be achieved by way of zips, clips or purpose made gates.

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