The Safety Solutions For a Portable Deadweight Anchor

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Weightanka is a mobile, deadweight anchor device for use on roofs of up to 5 degrees pitch, where the absence of guardrails or permanent anchor devices would otherwise preclude safe means of access.

Weightanka is the first Class "E” anchor device to be approved for use on all roof surfaces when wet and also for use downhill on metal clad roofs (subject to the addition of two extra weights).

Weightanka utilises a central pedestal (attachment point) which raises the height at which the arrest force is applied, thus reducing the distance the anchor device moves during a fall arrest event.



No need for expensive Inertia reels

Rubber moulded base weights prevent

rubber pads ‘peeling’ at the edges With the correct model it can be used on any of the following roof surfaces in WET or DRY conditions:


Single Ply Membrane Asphalt

Steel Cladding Concrete

Stone Chippings (Brushed)

Mineral Felt


Can be used on roofs up to 5° pitch

For fall restraint up to 2 workers may be attached providing they cannot get to less than 500mm from the edge.

Easy and quick to assemble with fewer loose components than others on the market.


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