Foldable Guardrail ( Islington Council & MEARS Group )

We are asked by our client to install guardrail on 4 blocks of flats totaling 450lm of free standing defender edge protection, however the handrail was not to be seen from the ground level, so we installed standard free standing handrail through the middle of each roof making sure this could not be seen from the ground.


We also had several water tank rooms that needed to be sectioned off in order to carry out maintenance work each year on the water tanks themselves but these were next to the roof edge and has the handrail was not to be seen from ground level we needed to install fold-able handrail ( fold shield ) around each tank room lid.


We could not rest our handrail on the access hatch or have weights on the tank lids or penetrate the roof itself, so we had 2 double ended weights either side of the tank lids with a section coming from the upright so that when the handrail is in the  folded down position this would act as a rest for the handrail.



When collective protection is the preferred method of providing a safe working environment but it is not

desirable to have railings permanently visible on the roofline of a building, KeeGuard Fold Shield Provides an ideal solution.

Designed for use on slopes up to 10 degrees, this folding system is suitable for use on asphalt, concrete,mineral felt or PVC sheet covered roofs and complies with the requirements of EN 13374.

Utilising a hinged version of the standar Kee Guard base fitting, shown below, the guardrail can easily be

lifted into place when work is in progress and then quickly folded back down when finished 


KeeGuard offers all the flexibility of standard Kee Guard allowing continuos runs, fixed ends, corners, changes in direction etc, or can be installed in 6m sections with ‘D’ returns to enable it to be folded quickly and simply. A simple locking pin is all that needs to be removed from the fitting to allow it to pivot. With a maximum bay size of 2 metres it can be used in both restrained and unrestrained applications. In order to use the folding fitting in a restrained situation, an additional support prop is added to the uprights at six metre intervals to allow sufficient room for the fitting to pivot. A minimum roof up-stand of 250mm is required.


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