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 We install Fall Protection Systems on any roof type, such as:

  • Single ply Membrane
  • Concrete
  • Metal composite panels (5mm to 7mm)
  • Standing & Seam panels
  • Tiled or Slated roof
  • Wall mounted

 And by using a wide and varied range of installation methods, such as:

  • Toggle fix for Single ply membrane
  • Studding and Chemical Resin for concrete fixings
  • Rivets specified by our suppliers for metal composite panels
  • Clamp fittings using grub screws to secure to Standing & Seam roof panels
  • Timber fixed through rafters, purlings etc 


 Various systems




  • Fall arrest fall restraint systems
  • Free / Fixed Handrail, edge protection systems
  • Eyebolt/Push lock/ single user anchor points
  • All bespoke walkways, stepovers
  • External cat style ladders
  • Bespoke abseiling points
  • Weighted systems


 Roof Pitches

We can install on roof pitches from 0 to 45 degrees.


 Non-Penetrating Systems

 We can offer non-penetrating systems on roof types such as Dead  weight   anchor Systems on the below roof types on a pitch of 0-5  degrees.  Materials   for these systems can include:


  • Single Ply Membrane Asphalt
  • Steel Cladding Concrete
  • Stone Chippings (Brushed)
  • Mineral Felt

 We have a solution for every roof type from domestic homes to commercial   properties such as warehouse`s, schools, office blocks, business centres and   hotels.






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