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The KEE I-BOLT range offers a comprehensive selection of Class A1 safety anchors.


The RINGANKA portfolio comprises three different lengths of eyebolt suitable for usein a range of materials; brick, concrete, masonary and steel.


However, it is important that the correct eyebolt is used to suit the material and that the positioning is determined by a competent person.


KEYANKA is a removable eyebolt which is unobtrusive where visual presentation is important.


Hi-line Safety Tec team can offer practical assistance in all aspects of design, installation and compliance with relevant standards for each of the products.


The Removable Safety Solution for Fall Protection by using a correctly installed and tested i-Bolt system you can ensure the health and safety of anybody who works in an environment which calls for safe and tested fall protection.


The KEYANKA safety eyebolt offers a removable unobtrusive solution to traditional eyebolts for use in more prestigious buildings.


The permanently installed grade 316 stainless steel anchor socket is concealed by a flush fitting white plastic cover, which blends in with most interior designs.


Equipped with the KEYANKA eyebolt at the end of their lanyard, the operator uses a simple `key’ action with sprung locking movement, to provide a fast and safe attachment.


The eyebolt is able to rotate 180˚ whilst still attached to the socket to provide the best orientation in event of a fall arrest situation, and

can only be removed by five simple, separate but deliberate, sequential movements.


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