The Safety Solutions For a Portable Deadweight Anchor

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Weight Angel is a weight anchor designed to minimise the distance and consequences of a fall when a worker is attached to it.


It is designed to be used on surfaces up to a 5 degree pitch and is simple and straightforward to use, allowing you to get the job done both quickly and safely.

A simple, straightforward safety solution without any risk of endangerment, the Freestanding Weight Angel post system is the perfect solution to a range of tasks where safety is paramount


The Freestanding Weight Angel post system consists of a set of non-penetrative weights assembled into a single, round unit.


Working in conjunction with a shock absorbing post, Weight Angel creates a powerful friction anchor that is more than capable of withstanding a fall.


The unit has also been specifically designed to reduce trip hazards and to occupy as small a space as possible on the roof: it’s no more than 1200mm wide. Suitable for the full range of flat roofs (up to a maximum of 5° pitch), the Weight Angel system has been tested on a range of substrates including concrete, ashfelt and single ply membrane.


Its quality has also been assured by external means, and it is fully tested by SATRA to BS EN795:2012 Type E.


With its competitive pricing and high recycled material content, it’s safe and kind to the environment.




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